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Congratulations, you have been unlucky enough to stumble across my little corner of the web! Your reward is a selection of articles, media and verbal diarrhoea written by my good self.

So what will you find here? Well, just above this box is the menu bar... they're all pretty self-explanatory, right? The main bulk of this site is made up of the Retro Zone and the TI99/4A Project. I'm a big fan of retro gaming, so you will find articles and reviews being posted in the Retro Zone fairly regularly. The TI99/4A project is all about trying to provide some long lost games and memories of my first home computer system, the first 16-bit machine, the TI99/4A.

The other sections include my Writings, consisting of articles, rants and my blog (which I will attempt to keep more up to date), and my Media, which will be collections of music, photos and videos that I'll be putting together as I trawl through life. Articles and Media may non-exclusively relate to any of the following at some point:

  • Rugby League
  • Brass Bands
  • My own XM music
  • Fruit Machine Emulation
  • Funny Stuff
  • Events and gigs

You can always take a quick look in the box to the right for the latest additions to this site, and I appreciate feedback and suggestions, please leave them in the Guestbook.

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17th April 2013

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23rd November 2012

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