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This project is my contribution to the TI99/4A emulation scene. One thing that has become clear to me throughout many searches of the internet is that there's very little in terms of TI BASIC games available, yet as a youngster I remember playing a great many different games on the system.

Since I have rediscovered my TI99/4A, and found that it STILL WORKS, the biggest problem I have had is getting ANY of my tape-stored games to work. I'd REALLY like to get these working again, and if I can get them working for myself, I can share them for others to enjoy too.

I've discovered software that can apparently transfer my tape data to a file emulators can read, but have had no success so far. However, I do have many original listings from magazines and Users Clubs that I can tap in for everyone's benefit.

With some work and perseverance I hope to provide a resource where existing TI99/4A users may actually discover something "new", and previously inexperienced users may find something to encourage them to delve more into the world of the TI family of computers.

So what do I actually have to offer?

Well, aside from many games on tapes that we seem to have accumulated, I also have many listings, some from the TI Home Computer Users Club, some from TIdings, some from the magazines of the time. If the recordings cannot be recovered, then I may resign myself to having to re-type the programmes from the original listings myself. Which isn't a problem, except for the time-consuming nature of it!

You may ask, "Why bother?"

Well, it's simple. It seems to me that I may have in my possession games that may never see the light of day again if they are not so preserved. If nothing else, it may well speed up the process of bringing them to light. Hopefully somebody, somewhere will find them exciting. If not, never mind, at least I get to relive my youth, and if only one person downloads something, well, it's a result. If I'm prepared to do it for myself, then I may as well at least share it with others, it'd be rude not to.

Whilst the lack of resources such as these is evident, it does seem there's quite a community bubbling away underneath who like to write new games and software, and share resources around, and I'd love to be a part of that.

But then again, feedback would be good, so if anyone DOES want to leave me some feedback, please take the time to sign the guestbook and put your suggestions in there.

Latest Software

Click herePic 1 for a complete list of software available for download.

Vince Apps Update - 02/10/11

A couple of new games
, and these are both by Vince Apps: Rescue and Last Stand. Nice simple games, but very well programmed.