Forums & Message Boards

Here's a few links for Forums and Message Boards that I frequent, or that I think are worth a visit. When this list grows sufficiently, I will consider categorising them.

RLFans represents the best and worst in Internet Forums, it's like the absolute definition of Yin and Yang. Every type of poster is present here, from the sensible and reasoned debaters, to the trolls, who range from poor to just plain idiotic. Likewise every type of moderator is present as well, from the sensible, reasonable, rule-enforcing fair-as-you-can-be (and thus well-respected) mods, to the ones who just ban anyone who doesn't share their point of view (McLaren_Field, take a bow). I will one day write an article on the "worst" of RLFans (they deserve it), but if Rugby League's your thing (if it's not, it should be), join up here to discuss it with like-minded people.

Fruit Machine Emulation... back in the good ol' days, Fruit Forums was the place to go. It's still there, but has lost most of its regular posters, which is a shame. So, although I'm not a contributor there myself, Fruit-Emu is now the place to go, especially as all the latest releases get published there first.

Retro Gamer

Whilst it's nice talking to myself about old games and computers, it's also nice talking to other people about them, and there's an abundance of people very passionate about the subject on this forum. Well worth a visit, even if it's just to see the Microsoft Paint Screenshot Challenge thread!