Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo SNES

Nintendo's rival to the Megadrive boasted impressive specs in all the major games magazines... The console ended up being a major success, and it was easy to see why. Once again, many classic games were released, and some old NES titles got the 16-bit treatment.

The arrival of this console sparked what I like to call the "I've got more buttons than you" war. I'm fairly sure this was the start of "Shoulder buttons", but then Nintendo do always seem to be the company to push the envelope with innovative control methods, what with bringing Analogue control back for the N64, and the much-publicised DS & Wii control methods. I'm pretty sure the Atari Jaguar was the eventual winner (PCs don't count. Sorry.)

The big selling point for this console was probably that it could handle Street Fighter II's 6-button control system, however Sega countered with 6-button Megadrive pads...

The other selling point was probably the mascot. Sega relied on Sonic's personality to sell units, Nintendo had the ever-enduring Mario. Who won?

To be honest, I don't really care. Turbo the Tortoise on the Spectrum kicked both their asses. All I care about is the classic titles.