Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Sega Megadrive Mk1

I never owned a Megadrive (Genesis to you US types). I'm actually quite ashamed to say it. This console was home to some truly classic 16-bit games, many of which turned out to be superior to the rival SNES console. One such example would be Mortal Kombat... but of course, there were many Sega-Specific titles that would make the choice of which console to own very difficult.

However, that doesn't mean I missed out completely on the Megadrive and many classic titles! A friend that lived just around the corner from me had one of these, and I spent many Saturdays round there from the early hours to the evening, and then there was another bunch of friends with whom I would spend time playing games in a tournament style. The Megadrive was central to this, and later the Sega Saturn, so yes, I certainly managed to play some highly regarded games.

Sega Megadrive Mk2

The Megadrive, in the same style as the Master System, had a re-hash in the form of the Megadrive II, a smaller design, and the often redundant headphone socket removed, and that was that...

Still, there were many, MANY classic games, and I have been lucky enough to have played them. Yes, a Megadrive is on my wish list... but not high on my list of priorities at the moment.