Personal Computers

The PC didn't start out as a particularly good gaming platform. Could this be down to Bill Gates' famous "640Kb of Memory should be enough for anyone" quote?

Now that PCs are much more powerful, they are ideal for gaming, especially with "mouse" control, FPS games probably worked better on the PC than any other format. The one major problem with PC development is that no two PCs are alike. Hardware, software, system configurations, they're all different, unlike the standardised console utopia. However, the ability to do so much more with a PC (until recently, they've been the only way to really experience online gaming) will always make them very attractive to own. And the fact that so many older systems are emulated means a PC can be a one stop shop for it all... Music, Games, Films, TV, Retro, Communication, the truly fully-functional home entertainment centre.

Still, I'm going to be covering PC-specific retro gaming moments. I'll try to give you an idea of the specs you needed to play the games back then, to give you an idea of how far we've come since then...