Magazines & Comics

When I was much younger, my mum used to have the 36p or so necessary to buy me the weekly copy of the Dandy and Beano comics. 18p each? What would that buy now, a single page?

Whilst the Dandy and Beano were certainly the most popular comics at the time, they were far from the only ones, many of whom had star characters who would transfer from one to the other. I certainly remember names such as Whizzer and Chips, Whoopee and Wow, Beezer, Topper, and Bunty. >cough< Bunty? I didn't mean Bunty at all, I meant the other one, the butch sounding boys one... Erm... which one was that...

Magazines, on the other hand... One in particular (Your Sinclair, obviously) had a massive influence on me, especially when it comes to how I write... it had a style of its own, which... well, just read that particular review, and you'll get a better idea. Nothing else has come close, although PC Zone tried hard. But still, they all have their good and bad points.