Fruit Machine Emulation

Ah, good old Fruit Machine Emulation. It's been around a good few years now, and although I'm no longer active in the scene like what I used to be, my layouts will still somehow have a home here. However, I'm not hosting the ROMs anymore, not at all. The simple reason for that is that they are readily available elsewhere (as are my layouts most likely) but I still want a page here that people may stumble upon and discover the wonderful world of Fruit Machine Emulation, such as it was, and get involved themselves.

So all my layouts (except the Bank Roller Example layout) are below, freely available and freely distributable.

Chase Invaders

A machine I had never seen before. Thanks must go to Gary for providing the resources to do this, including resources for the DX, which is now available, featuring a test of my "Realistic" reels.

Also available is the "Reals" Add on Pack. Screenshot below! To include into Chase Invaders DX, unzip the zip file to a temporary directory, load up the DX in the emulator, go to the design menu and select "Reel Editor", and go to file and "open". Find the directory you unzipped to, and select the file "001.bmp", then find the "216.bmp" file. Hold down shift and click this file to select them all. Press enter, then click "Apply". If you want, you can save the layout with the new reels by going to "Design" and "Save Layout".

Chase Invaders Classic DAT (800x600)

Chase Invaders DX DAT (1024x768)

Chase Invaders DX "Reals" Add On Pack.

(Requires Chase Invaders DX)

Club Take Your Pick

One of the BEST Club Machines I've ever played. Well worth getting. This machine was my original desire to create for the scene as it had resided in a club I used to work in. I have kept the PDX and the Classic at the same settings that machine was set to (10p play, 100 quid Jackpot), but the Window DX is set to 250 quid Jackpot as per the artwork available. Enjoy!

Club Take Your Pick Classic DAT (800x600)

Club Take Your Pick Pseudo DX DAT (1024x768)

Club Take Your Pick Window DX DAT (1024x768)


An "experimental" DAT of a machine Echo ownz. Trying to roll a classic and DX into ONE layout. See what you think.

Colossus Experimental DAT (1024x768)

Duty Free

A DAT of a machine I wasn't too familiar with. Similar theme to Viva Espana.

Duty Free Classic DAT (800x600)

Fruit Forums Golden Roll

This machine uses the ROMS for RED HOT ROLL. I originally started this as a bit of a laugh as part of my usual "humour". Around the time this was released, however, the scene took a drastic downturn. I'm not sure where things are at now with FME, but surely they can't be as bad as they were at this point. Still, it got a few laughs. For a little while. The idea of this was to prompt someone to have a look at "Body Match" or something like that...

Fruit Forums Golden Roll Classic DAT (800x600)

Hi-Lo Sumo

Another machine I'd never seen before, and my first MPU5 release. This machine is very interesting, it has some skill involved, careful play can maximise your winnings, but as with all machines, the luck still plays a big part. Quite complicated too, quite surprised I managed to work out the whole layout!

Hi Lo Sumo Classic DAT+ROM (800x600)

NightSpot DX

Finally. Possibly the longest WiP ever :-). At least it's now available. Thanks to Pandy for the ROMs, and Bugs Bunny for his original Classic, and also to all those who helped by providing the missing reel symbols.

NightSpot DX DAT (Requires MFME 1.1)

Road Hog (5p play 8 quid Jackpot) Classic

Road Hog has been seen before, but I don't think there's been a Classic layout of it, and certainly not using THESE ROMs. Thanks must go to Road Hog Mad for providing those. This uses the "NEW 8 QUID JACKPOT" ROMs, and as a result, the way this machine plays seems entirely different to the existing 6 quid Jackpot layout. You will need the ROM for this whether you have the original or not.

Please note: Since there's a problem with the "out" meters, I've tried my best to get them to stick, but it keeps changing them to the wrong ones. As a result, I've decided to relase "as is". If the problem is fixed in the future, I will update the layout to be correct.

Road Hog 5p 8 Quid Classic Layout (MFME 1.1)

Ten Ten Do It Again

A DAT of a machine I have never seen before. It's apparently the sequel to Ten Out Of Ten (which can probably be downloaded from one of the many FME resource sites, if you haven't already got it). This is one I really have done from complete scratch, including the CHR. Boy, was that a pain in the rear to get to grips with... :-) Worth it, though, it's not a bad machine, with some good sounds.

Ten Ten Do It Again Classic DAT (800x600)